A Precedent: The Gouzenko Case

On September 5, 1945, Ottawa made headlines around the world when a cyber clerk in the Soviet embassy, Igor Gouzenko, defected, carrying with him a hundred documents revealing a spy ring operating on Canadian soil. It incriminated thirty-eight suspects of whom eighteen were charged and convicted.

It was the beginning of the Cold War.

On March 6, 1946, Churchill made a speech in Fulton, Missouri:

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.”

Arab States Pledge More to Reconstruct Gaza than the West

The international community pledged 5.4 billion euros for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip at a donors’ conference on Sunday [October 12]. Palestine’s most important supporters so far, the US and the EU, plan to contribute 170 million and 450 million euros respectively. This shows how important the contribution of other Arab states is.

In this way [the Palestinians] were hoping the rich Gulf Arabs would close the gap between Western donations and Palestine’s objectives. Qatar has pledged a billion US dollars – a clear sign that the Gulf state sees this conflict as an opportunity to raise its profile in the region. Other emirates were more restrained – the IS threat and other Islamists have reduced the importance of the conflict with Israel….

And the most important question remains open: will the Arabs keep their word this time, or will they leave the Palestinians in the lurch once again? The figures from Cairo offer an objective benchmark for answering this question.

Source: Die Welt, October 13