ISIS and the War on Terrorism

Is this a fair question?

We are told ISIS poses a direct threat to the security of the West. There is the suggestion that there are good reasons to fear attacks like 9/11 – or assaults on the subway systems of New York and London, or similar assaults.

It is not difficult to imagine the human and material resources required to implement such threats.

There may be very good reasons for bombing strategic targets in Syria and Iraq. But does it make sense to argue that reducing the threat to Western security is one of them?

Thanks to Ritual Slaughter, New Markets Open for Lithuania

The Lithuanian parliament recently adopted an amendment that will allow the ritual slaughter of animals without prior stunning as of 2015.

“It is clear that the Russian embargo on food products from the EU influenced the politicians’ mood. Lithuanian farmers have great expectations of the markets in Muslim countries…. The government must help food producers who are now in trouble above all by removing any export obstacles it can. The legalization of ritual slaughter is an important step in this direction, and can open up markets both in Muslim countries and in Israel.”

Source: Lietuvos rytas, September 25