Political Correctness

You, readers of this blog, are members of the intellectual and moral elite, and you will know by now that large sections of the American electorate are opposed to political correctness. You have always known that political correctness is conformist, conventional or boring.

However, suppose it is also civilized and tolerant – what then?

New Hampshire Sends Shockwaves Through the System

Source: Jack Murkinson in Salon, February 9

…If you look at basically any other Western democracy, you shouldn’t be too surprised that Hillary Clinton and the unappetizing mush that is Kasich/Bush/Rubio are having such a rough ride. The world is reeling from tectonic demographic and technological changes, along with the rot of oligarchical rule and continual warfare, all of which have driven the politics of country after country into great upheaval.

America is no different. The people backing the National Front in France would likely find much to discuss with some of Donald Trump’s supporters. The members of the Labour Party who made Jeremy Corbyn their leader over the howling objections of the party’s upper echelons would no doubt have a very jolly time commiserating with Bernie Sanders backers.

In all of these cases, the pattern has been much the same: insurgent candidates rise and establishment candidates are left with little idea of how to handle them. In her speech on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton tried to signal that she gets it, saying, “People are angry. And they have every right to be. But I know they’re also hungry. They’re hungry for solutions.”