No Russian Culture Without Europe

What is this unique “Russian culture”?

Without doubt a Russian culture exists that has given the world great musicians, poets and authors. But the problem is that they only became so great when Russia became part of Europe. Tchaikovsky’s music didn’t evolve from popular balalaikas. Pushkin grew up in the Imperial Lyceum, not with his grandmother’s fairy tales….

Russia’s culture only became great once its science, literature, music and art became part of Western culture. And what’s more, if Peter the Great hadn’t made Russia part of Europe we would never have had a Tolstoy or a Dostoyevsky….

And nor would the Russian Empire, which our patriots cherish so dearly, exist.

Source: Yulia Latynina in Novaya Gazeta, October 14

The Wit and Wisdom of Latin

Testis means both testicle and witness.

According to the etymological dictionary, this is presumably because testicles bear witness to a man’’s virility.

P.S. This time, the author of this blog asks readers to refrain from composing limericks unless absolutely necessary.